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For as long as I can remember, I’ve always had trouble skin. Ever since I hit puberty, my face has never been zit-free. I always had acne somewhere, most often in my T-zone. And though it ranged from mild acne to moderate cystic pimples, I was always frustrated that I never had acne-free skin even though I’m steadily heading towards thirty. 

I’ve tried all sorts of different products — all your typical OTC products. ProActive. But none of them ever worked and always dried out my skin but never really cleared it up. 

So a few weeks ago, I was in CVS and decided on a whim to try out La Roche Posay Duo to treat a really bad breakout of cystic acne. Almost immediately, I noticed a difference. Within a week, the acne was gone, but the treatment left my skin very dry and flaky. I went back and bought the moisturizer, Effaclar M and started to use it immediately after applying the acne treatment, and the results were even better — so I went back and bought the rest of the Effaclar line. (With the exception of the serum and the Effaclar A.I. which my CVS didn’t carry. 

Now my skincare routine is as follows, morning and night: 

First, I wash my skin with Effaclar Purifying cleanser (at night, I sometimes use this with CVS’s Clean Complexion Power Cleanser for exfoliation). Then, I use the astringent lotion all over. Once it’s dried, I’ll put on the Effaclar Duo (which has benzoyl peroxide) and follow that up with Effaclar K. Finally, I moisturize liberally with Effaclar M (and I also just picked up the brand’s Redermic anti-aging eye cream).

The result is clear, smooth, soft skin with only one blemish from a really bad zit that’s slowly clearing up. What I’m hoping for is that the treatment will completely clear everything up and I’ll be able to walk outside without any coverup or foundation (and only SPF)! Hopefully we’ll see in a month or so. 

Anyway, I highly recommend this line of products, even if it’s really expensive. For me, it’s worth the investment.

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